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How to be the Buzz

by Ishita Rajgor

Posted on August 19, 2017 at 11:00 AM

The good thing about social media is it gives everyone a voice. The bad thing is … it gives everyone a voice.
– Brian Solis (Digital Analyst).

Social Media gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage. The purpose of a brand is to be that popular friend with whom all can identify with. It should have a sense of familiarity amongst the consumers. This unique voice builds a brand.
One of the biggest fear of social media is the lack of face-to-face interaction. But one can get it right by understanding the tone of your brand. The communication becomes a lot easier with the right tone reflecting your brand's core values and culture. But first, let's get to the basics.

Why is a voice so important in forming a social media strategy?

Nobody wants to talk to a logo. People connect well with people. Consumers don’t just want to communicate with brands on social media, they want to participate in the genuine interactions. On the other hand, it helps brands to show their humane side. It gives them the opportunity to engage and build the long lasting relationships. If done correctly, you could end up with an army of fans gladly growing your brand for you.

How to find the voice?

Brand voice is your compilation of best three words that describe your brand's personality. The tone is a subset of voice. You have one brand voice but several different tones for different audiences and situations. Marketing starts with a specific target audience. The success of a brand depends proportionately on the target audience's reactions. 

There are a few simple ways to decipher the voice and tone of the brand.

What makes you stand out from the others?

A tone of voice comes from the company's culture. Your brand's voice isn’t about what you want it to be but about what the culture already is. It should reflect your brand's values.

Focus on the story you want to tell about your brand.

Once you have a pretty good idea of your unique tone of voice, it's time to determine the goals you want to achieve. Focus on your story. Focus on the tone you want to use. It can be fun, helpful, quirky or informative or a combination of all. Involve your customers in your brand journey. Tell them about your story. Have a real life conversation with your consumers.

Know Where Your Brand Voice is Highlighted the Most.

Create a persona of your brand. The easiest way to build loyalty is to respond to your customer's queries. Don’t ever take small conversations or take your customers for granted. Your customers can count on you for any question, you must push your brand's voice and make their lives easier.  Not only it helps to create a community for your brand but also helps it is smart to know your brand getting recognized. Use these to weigh your future content decisions.    There is so much going on social media every minute, it’s difficult to get it all right. Develop valuable content for your followers and have a clear goal. But most importantly evaluate your goals on a regular basis. Lastly, don’t forget to be proud of your brand.

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